Gretchen Plotkin Photography



Who's Gretchen? That's my real name, but my email's been Greta for so long it's become my nickname and part of my identity. Hence, GretaPics was born.  This website is an opportunity to showcase my work.  If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact me at

I am primarily a botanical and nature photographer, with a particular passion for macro, close-ups and all things flower and garden related. Flowers in particular are like a tonic for me, truly refreshing my spiritI shoot both in the field and in the studio, depending on the look I'm going for or the story I'm trying to tell.  Over the years I have branched out to including urban and travel photography when I see something that inspires me and that I might want to explore further artistically.

My history is that I returned to photography several years ago after a long hiatus from shooting and processing film in the darkroom. Today I marvel and enjoy the technological advances of the times we live in and am constantly learning about and experimenting with all the possibilities of the digital world.  I view post-processing as an important second step toward achieving a desired look and to that end I love to explore the numerous programs and applications currently available that can push and transform an image beyond its starting point. I find it enriches my creative process and allows me to personalize my vision.

Thanks for spending time and visiting my site. 

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